قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه
قناع وجه

قناع وجه

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FOCALLURE 5 Pcs Sheet Mask Set For Face Brighten up Energy Moisturizing Oil Control Facial Skin Care Acne Remedy

The new 5 Energy Facial Sheet Masks from Focallure. Solve all kinds of skin troubles for different types of skin, inject energy into the skin, and rejuvenate the skin.

Aloe: Deep hydrating. It contains a large amount of Aloe vera and Centella to calm and repair sunburned skin due to strong sun/UV rays. It infuses skin with moisture and is suitable for all skin types.
Tea tree: Oil-control & Acne care. Select Australian tea tree essence, replenish energy for oil skin and acne skin, treat acne and blackhead, control oil production, and make the skin reach a state of water and oil balance.
Honey: Moisturizes and softens the skin. Restores the moisture of the dry skin, and brings energy to the tired skin with the light honey fragrance. It is the first choice for people with dry skin and cakey makeup effect.
Nicotinamide: Tone up. Nicotinamide improves dullness and even skin tone. At the same time with houttuynia ingredients anti-radiation, making it ideal for sallow/dull skin caused by prolonged exposure to computers and mobile phones.
Vitamin C: Whitening skin. Rich in vitamin C and shrimp, it can effectively reduce the accumulation of melanin in the skin, reduce acne marks and spots also has the anti-oxidation anti-allergic effect, making the skin more delicate, smooth, and elastic, with a faint orange fragrance.

Tea tree acne mask using charcoal mask paper can quickly absorb excess oil on the face.
The other 4 masks all use silk mask paper, which will be more comfortable to use and inject energy into the skin more effectively.

Aloe vera: Deep hydrating,after-sun repair.
Tea tree: Oil control and acne care.
Honey: Moisturizing.
Nicotinamide: Tone up and Anti-radiation.
Vitamin C: whitening & spot solution,Anti-oxidant and anti-allergic.

How to use:
1. Clean your face with warm water
3. Wait 15-20 minutes
4. Remove the mask and massage the face until the essence is fully absorbed

Aloe: Aloe, Centella, Betaine, Witch hazel
Honey: Honey, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate
Nicotinamide: Nicotinamide, sodium hyaluronate, Houttuynia cordata, nettle
Vitamin C: Vitamin C, pomegranate, astaxanthin, licorice
Tea tree: Tea tree, Scutellaria root, oat, cactus
Choice for your skin:
Aloe vera: Suitable for all skin types, especially those skin that need post-sun repair after sunburn.
Tea tree: Acne skin, oily skin, combination skin.
Honey: Dry/combination skin, especially skin that tends to cakey to makeup.
Nicotinamide: Skin with dull,sallow and uneven skin,especially spend a lot of time in front of computers and mobile phones and need radiation protection.
Vitamin C: Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive redness.

--Put the mask in the fridge for a better effect
Vitamin C is recommended for use at night and should be protected from the sun(use suncream) if used during the day.
--Pair with Focallure eye mask and lip mask to freshen up your face.

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