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Hoya wayetii variegata

Hoya wayetii variegata

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Introducing the Hoya wayetii variegata – a rare addition to our Hoya collection. This plant originates from the Philippines and is renowned for its exquisite variegated leaves, showcasing a delightful blend of green, pink, and cream hues.

Like most Hoyas, wayetii like to dry out between waterings and can tolerate some gentle direct sunlight. It's crucial to provide bright indirect light, while a touch of mild morning or late afternoon sun can contribute to providing optimal lighting conditions for these beautiful plants. Adequate brightness encourages robust growth, vivid foliage colors, and, with a bit of luck, the emergence of flowers as well.

The plant depicted in the images is the exact one you'll receive. It will be shipped in its plastic growth pot with perlite, as it has been cultivated hydroponically (passive). If you opt for soil cultivation, you can use the included perlite to create your own Hoya mixture. We suggest a blend of around 30% potting mix, 30% perlite or vermiculite, and 30% orchid bark.


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